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Created for the 120th anniversary between France and Korea, FLUIDE finds its inspiration in sounds, of water and from Nature, from here or elsewhere. Music cannot be disassociated from dance. The progression in « perpetual motion » along the lines and diagonals of the choreographic notation evokes the mastery and also the lightness of touch of calligraphy. On the stage six dancers transport us on a trip which gives full rein to perception and feeling. This trip, as conceived by Misook Seo, is a reminiscence, on the one hand of childhood and its playfulness, but also another side,rooted in our animal,earthy nature. With its blend of technical precision and a sensitive perception of ancestral memory Fluide offers a realm of emotion and freedom appealing to a very wide audience. This show represents at once a very special contemporary creation and also a demonstration of dance as a universal language.


Creation 2006

Premiere at Fest Avignon

Theatre Golovine 7 july 2006

Revised in 2010

6 dancers

Choreographer : Misook Seo

Music concept: Misook Seo

Music composition: Seokmoon Jang

Dancers : Vanessa Cailhol,

Younghyun Choi Kwanghyun Kim,

Yoonhee Lee Ioulia Plotnikova,

Suntae Lee

Scenarie and Costumes :

jinyoung Ryu

Lighting :

jacques dilmi

​​                                           Press excerpts​​

« A show of total beauty »

Le Havre Libre daily french newspaper 9 march 2009

« Expressionist in its minimalism, Misook Seo made a success of a fabulous choreographic work just with six danseurs » « A universe where prevails the sensuality and the plastic beauty » « The reaction of the public was impressive »

Céli Barbier Dança Brasil dance magazine August 2008

« The reputation of this young company has reached the capital »

« Dragged into a magical dream where the very skilful interplay of forms and movement creates a climate deeply poetic. »

« Fluide is a success story that makes you want to see how evolve now the work of this well gifted choreographer. »

Gérard Mannoni French dance critic,March14,2008

« A remarkable work of Seo company » « Fluid, captivating choreography » «This Korean choreographer is full of talent» « A magnificent work »

Jean-Michel Gautier La Marseillaise Vaucluse French daily newspaper 12 July 2007

«The Company Seo meets novices and experts around the pleasures of the eyes, feelings and spirit » « Misook Seo choreographies all styles of dance with the same talent »

Thomas Hahn dance critic at Ballet Tanz, Danser, Cassandre 2007


 video excerpt 1

 Video excerpt 2

77 representations in France


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