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Seo Dance Company celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Programmed in South Korea and France, it has a dozen designs that combine aesthetics, fluidity and poetry.

The dancers are Korean, or other ... but still citizens of the world! This is not surprising when you consider the importance for Misook Seo abolishing borders and offering a sophisticated choreographic writing that interweaves several dance forms. What they have in common is their infallible technique and mastery of the basics in order to focus exclusively on the drama, the sense of movement and the development of new figures. Moreover, Misook Seo seeks to assert the potential and uniqueness of each of them.

Noticed by Georges Banu, the company was invited to the International Festival of Sibiu (2007) Romania, Edinburgh International Festival (2007) by Dance Base Fringe (the national center for dance in Scotland) and several times Seoul Performing Arts Festival SPAF. It was noticed in France in 2008 at the Festival Dance en Place of Montauban. "Chaos in the silence", was commissioned by the Festival, for ten dancers. It is with "Fluide" that Seo Dance company took off, where the commision by Olivier Meyer for Contrasts for Festival Suresnes Citées Danse 2011 and the invitation to Festival Le Temps d'Aimer, Biarritz 2011 in France.

In Seoul, she signed in May 2012, Hymn to love, a piece for 44 artists, and in Jul One day in 2040 with 20 dancers. These pieces are performed by French and Korean artists in the title role of the Hymn to love.

In September 2012, Misook Seo is in residence at CCN de Créteil at Mourad Merzouki to resume and extend contrasts.

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