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Misook Seo

Misook Seo was born in Seoul, South Korea. She sings and plays the piano very young. At age 7 she is passionate about Indian dance and discovers traditional dances such as the fan dance or the Drum. But it is a representation of The Nutcracker that will determine her future: she will later be a dancer! At the age of making choices, she joined the ballet section at Seoul University and joined the Korea National Ballet.

Then, she chose to teach, curious and eager for novelties and inspiration, she left Korea for the United States and France. Paris, 1995, Misook keep looking dance, theater, opera, exhibitions ... she speaks better and better French, enough anyway to enter the theater department of the University of Paris III, participate in courses of contemporary dance, and later joined the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris where she studied the Benesh dance notation. With these experiments, the discreet and solitary young woman opens to the world, takes insurance and started as a choreographer. In Seoul in 2002, Misook Seo creates Seo Company. 2004 she gave her first two pieces: "Primitive" and "A painting", followed by Song of Tears and Sonata wordless in 2005.

In 2006, the success arrived in France with "FLUIDE" (Avignon 2006/2007/2010). "Tradition remains my source of inspiration, especially in the use of the feet. I'm still looking for the ideal movement. Movements buried in my subconscious and I'm trying to prove with what I perceive through my interpreters. They are sources of life and magic. The body does not lie on the move, it is no longer hidden behind the clothes or any subterfuge. He becomes the mirror of the soul. Fluide is entirely driven by the search for sincerity. "For Misook Seo, a dance is not contemporary or jazz or classical ... it is a human being".

Her goal is to reach the heart and open doors by successive explosion to achieve. talk about the soul and life are her watchwords. "My work has no limits or boundaries because I married all genres and invites international artists. Unpretentious, I located just in the universe. "She signed other pieces in France and Korea and Olivier Meyer proposed a creation for "Suresnes Citées Danses 2011":" Contrastes" which receives an excellent reception from the public and the press.

In November 2012 she is awarded "choreographer of the year 2012" by the Korean Ballet association.

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