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The choreographer Misook Seo also like to transmit, to teach.

Her dual Korean Frenh Culture gives her interventions a particular and invaluable
tone: she seeks to bring out the individuality of each dancers to give them the freedom to express intimacy through gesture, to release an academism sometimes too present, to make them understand the dramaturgy of movement.

She offers her workshops for amateur and professional dancers. They can take place in a tour: A device is then implemented in partnership with the host city that allows local artists professionals, amateurs and students of dance schools to discover the world of the choreographer and expand theirs knowledges.

Misook Seo can also offer these workshops in the form of private master classes for professional dancers .

Seo company is to listen to any proposal and organizes internships in the number of participants and their expectations or those of the institutions that contact us.


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