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A journey that begins with a meditation and leaves its place gradually, to feelings of perception and felt. The trip which, according to the intention of Misook Seo, leads us to ask ourselves our place in the human universe, our past, our present and our future. She wants us to express our chaos, chaos with our humour, struggles, loves, mysteries, that we keep in silence.


Creation 2008

Commisioned by festival

«Danse en place »of Montauban, France

Premiere 7 aout 2008

10 dancers

Choreography :

Misook Seo

Music :

Misook Seo et Seokmoon jang

Dancers :

Flavie Hennion, jongkyoung Im, Kwanghyun Kim, Asuka Komatsu,

Yoonhee Lee, Sujung Lim,

Stefania Rossetti, Youngwook Song,

Célia Ruiz, Jérémy Kouyoumdjian

Scenaries and Costumes :

Jinyoung Ryu.

Lumières :

Jacques Dilmi

Pictures :

jacques Combalbert

                                               Press excerpts

«A powerful choreography, bold experiments with dazzling dance passion violence and delicacy » « the company indisputably has its own style combining with virtuosity classical and contemporary dance»

« Palpitations and emotions insured with this masterful creation »

Laurence Avinec Le petit journal Tarn and Garonne August  2008


«Viewers are not likely to forget the power and poetry of the new creation of the Korean artist Misook Seo »

L’essentiel du Tarn et Garonne August 21, 2008 France


 Video excerpt

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