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Creation 2009


60 mn

9 dancers

​Choreography :

Misook Seo

Concept Music :

Misook Seo

Composition music :

Seokmoon jang

Concept Vidéo :

Misook Seo

Creation video :

Sa Eugen


 Jinyoung Ryu

Lighting :

jacques dilmi


«Invisible frontiere » is the frontiere that is in the consciousness of human beings, but wich is invisible. As the surface above and below water, that of the man outside and inside. Misook Seo wants to express the frontiere between life and death, between dream and reality with the desire to overcome our fears to achieve freedom.

                                            Press Reviews

« Invisible Frontiere is an impressive performance» « the passage in which all the dancers raisetheirlegsstretchingtothe ground
islikealive masterpiece.»

Korean dance revue “Mom” dance critic Lee Sangil August 2009

« Frontiere Invisible successed a beautiful harmony with the Eastern image of the China ink in a meditative mind and movement of ballet with occidental music. »

Korean dance revue « Choom » dance critic kim Seughyun August2009


 Video excerpt


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