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On music by Björk, Beethoven, Goran Bregovic, Ahn Trio and composition of Seokmoon Jang, this piece for five dancers (four men and one woman) comes as a patchwork between classical, contemporary and break dance. It tells the banter, the game of seduction, the relationship between beings, all coated with humor and poetry.

Rear perilous jumps, rollers, turns on the head, improbable balances, body with moves formidable energy. Between sensual poetry and funny and furious hip-hop, this piece portrays perfectly the mix of choreography between France and Korea.

Misook continues her wish to abolish borders. Fluidity and generosity is her signature, she ne- vers betrays herself. Costumes, lights, music, occupation of space, drama are studied with a rare pre- cision. Both sleek and smooth, elegant and wild, moving and humorous, this piece of infinite beauty which lasted only 30 minutes since it was created for Suresnes Cities Dance in 2011, is now a fullfledged work of 55 minutes thanks to Compagnie Seo’s residency at Mourad Merzouki ‘s CCN Creteil France in September 2012.


Creation 2011

 5 dancers

Length: 55 minutes

Choreography :

Misook Seo

Dancers :

Si mhamed Benhalima, Mathieu Bord,

Erwan Godard/Adel Aïdouni

Kevin Mischel, Marie-Laure Ravau

Musics :

Björk, Beethoven, Goran Bregovic, Ahn Trio, Seokmoon Jang

Costumes :

Jérôme Kaplan

Realized by :

Patricia Faget Video : Youjin Ssa

Lighting creation :

Fred Millot

Commisionned and produced by festival «Suresnes Cités Danse Variations» 2011 France (version 34mn)

Production Compagnie Seo France

«Coproduction du Centre Chorégraphique National de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne / Compagnie Käfig dans le cadre de l’Accueil Studio 2012»




 Video excerpt

PDF Brochure


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